FAQ – Exhibition

+ Who can apply?

Anyone, from any country, over 18 can apply.

+ What are the deadlines of the call?

a – What is the deadline for submission of works for the site?

The deadline for submission is may 15, 2017

b – When the result will be announced?

The result is expected to be released on June 08, 2017

c – What is the duration of exposure period?

The exhibition will be open from july 26 to september 04.

+ When the exhibition will be held?

From july 22 to september 04 2015.

+ How to apply:

a- What is the size of the images?

Images should be sent with the size of 1000 pixels on the longest side, with a resolution of 72 dpi in jpeg format and.

>> IMAGE SIZE: 1000 pixels on the longest side

>> RESOLUTION: 72 dpi


b- What is the file format of the images to be sent?

Images must be submitted in JPEG format.

c – How many pictures I send?

A photographic series with 8 images should be sent.

d – Can I send eight individual images that do not represent a photographic series?

No. Will be accepted only from photographic series entries.

and – The series I want to subscribe consists of more than 8 images, what should I do?

In this case we suggest you make an edit images. Select 8 images to perform the registration. If deemed necessary to organize the complete series on its portfolio file.

f – Maximum size of files uploaded?

The sum of all files uploaded to the convocation may not exceed 15 MB.


+ What is the enrollment period of notice?

beginning: March 10, 2017

Closure: may 22, 2017

+ What the FIF 2015 provides for the selected artists?

The FIF will provide selected artists:

Production for conducting International Exhibition of FIF_BH 2017;

Print and frame the images to be exposed;

Profile Inclusion and images selected artist in the material published by the Festival Communication Advisor for the press;

Disclosure of the selected images of the artist for a period of one year in the Festival site – site of reach: 30,000 accesses month / 100 countries;

inclusion of the artist’s work in printed material used to disclose the exposure / medium of drawing: 5,000 printed;

+ Which media / support images will be printed?

Paper: Hahnemühle Smooth Fine Art Ultra 305 gsm;

Frame: raw wood box-shaped s / glass, with 5cm of removal;

Support: foam-board with 0.5mm thick white / neutral pH.

+ About the copyright?

+ What will happen to the works displayed after exposure?

Jobs that are not removed at the site of exposure within 3 days after its completion, will be stored for possible exposure of circulation for a period of one year. After the period of one year the images will be destroyed.

+ Why do images will be destroyed?

Because the Festival works with the logic “exhibition copy only”, “copy for exclusive exhibition”, in the case of the participants of the International Exhibition images. So the Festival guarantees the use of the images exclusively for cultural purposes, enabling the full exposure of production with local suppliers, the highest professional standard.

+ Can I request the postmark of the selected job after the end of exposure FIF 2017?

The Festival can not commit to shipping / export exhibition participants works. If the artist bear the total costs and hiring this service, sending you rather be requested.

+ Why the need to send the portfolio and the curriculum in the act of registration?

Shipping portfolio and curriculum helps curated the exhibition to learn more about the work and the artist’s trajectory. This material can expand the possibilities curatorial since the other images and provides portfolio series produced by the artist.

+ Confirmation of registration?

Registration will be confirmed by e-mail provided by the artist within 48 hours.

+ In which languages ​​the inscription can be made?

Entries can be made in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

+ Artists may submit more than one work to the festival selection?

Yes. They can be entered as many jobs as the artist desired. Each form accepted from a single series of images. For each new registration will be required to fill in a new form.

+ If the job of collective authorship, how to proceed?

Collective works of authorship may be entered in the Festival. The group shall elect a person responsible for registration to be contact with the Festival, if the work is selected.

With the group of the curriculum should be sent an agreement term of other authors agree with the description of the work in the notice of FIF_BH 2015:

Consent term

I …… …… group member, I have been through this declare my consent for subscribing to the paper entitled ……., In the invitation to the International Exhibition of 2017 FIF_BH.

date / place


Artist signature

+ If the artist is selected:

>> Results of selection:

The list with the names of the selected artists is expected to be communicated, June 08, at FIF site: www.fif.art.br

>> Selection Release:

The selected artists will receive a statement of selection, by e-mail, within up to 03 days after the close of entries.

>> Images Delivery period

The selected artists should send the images indicated by the curators within 06 days after the announcement of the selection results on the Festival site: www.fif.art.br

>> Number of images and artists selected for the exhibition:

The total number of images and selected artists for the International Exhibition of FIF_BH 2017 is set to curating the festival.

Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Belo Horizonte 2017